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Sarcastic reflections of the day

1. I’m so thankful for the scientific evidence provided by Quebec’s Santé Publique. I bow down to thee, Santé Publique, and shun the advice of out-of-province/international medical experts. Quebecers are clearly a unique breed of human that have different mental and physical health requirements than people elsewhere. As well, I am buoyed by Legault’s confidence that « it’ll probably be the same in September, » so we might as well not wait.

2. I am filled with hope that the CAQ has chosen such an all-encompassing indicator of covid control: not ever-rising numbers as might be expected, or rates of infection, no, but extra hospital beds of course–nothing more, nothing less. They are right to keep repeating the same message: when will we get the point, already? Quebec is living two realities: one in CHSLDs and one outside of CHSLDs. As long as they continue to ignore and dismiss significant outbreaks in grocery stores, hospitals, prisons, homes, and neighbourhoods like Montreal Nord (which are peripheral at best, and full of immigrants), this will of course remain true. What we don’t believe can’t hurt us. And besides: these outbreaks are exceptions, and are under control.

3. I admire Legault’s ability to quickly shift his narrative, based on the optics of the day. It’s an important asset in any political leader. As his subjects we have followed swiftly from ‘flatten the curve,’ to ‘herd immunity,’ to ‘social reasons,’ the latter two being the underlying rationale for reopening. So what if they now admit herd immunity is not a proven thing at all? Why wouldn’t we still enact the same exact plan, but for social reasons? Clearly there is no other way to deal with the special social fallout Quebec is experiencing compared to everywhere else than to break quarantine and reopen schools. Clearly we can’t imagine any more effective solution than that.

4. I’m happy that young, healthy teachers are willing to take the risk for the sake of the children. And I’m confident they’ll be able to keep groups of 15 young kids 2 meters apart without issue. Equally, I’m sure that construction workers are heeding every precaution day after day as they rush to finish projects that have fallen behind–but really, they are young, healthy men, so what does it matter?

5. I am thrilled that Legault is a businessman first and that risks are being taken without the delay that other places will suffer as they wait for knowledge to crystallize and curves to flatten. Our economy will be so strong it may survive us yet! And people will say: wow, look at Quebec!

6. I am impressed that our leadership has left school attendance up to parents, washing their hands of any responsibility for outcomes. What better way to collect scientific evidence for Santé Publique than to observe an early group of willing test subjects? Well, maybe not the teachers, but at least the kids will be willing, right?

What are you happy about? 🙂


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