Human life and wellbeing

It’s very demoralizing to live in a place, where, day after day, one’s « leadership » demonstrates a blatant lack of regard for human life and wellbeing.

I will NEVER judge a person who has to go back to work or send their kids to school for lack of options–our society is not set up to meaningfully address the inequalities that fuel it. And that is precisely the status quo our government is pushing so hard to rush back to.

HOWEVER, I don’t believe for a second that Legault is rushing the fuck out of this reopening (as cases continue to explode) out of a concern for the wellbeing of vulnerable children. So, I WILL judge him and his government. The latest is that he’s now saying *maybe* Montreal isn’t ready, okay, good. That’s the result of endless people criticizing him constantly. Maybe it’ll pan out. But it’s exhausting.

If our government was so concerned, they might try not recklessly endangering the lives of said children and their families. They might instead rush to urgently address the root causes of violence in homes through education and cold, hard funding where it counts, say for shelters, hotlines, rent cancellations. I was once a child with an abusive parent, and without much money. And yet I fail to see how our government is doing anything to help families. From where I’m standing, all they are saying is, if we open schools to young kids again, their parents will be able to reenter the workforce, which is good for the economy. They are also saying that with kids back in school, any abuse at the hands of family won’t be as high profile as it is now (it will, of course, continue, behind the scenes). Same is true of poverty. That is all they are saying by doing nothing and calling it everything.

If they were so concerned, they might, once numbers at least start to plateau, consider a plan more along the lines of what New Brunswick is doing: they are starting off by allowing ‘2-family household bubbles’ in order to ward of the mental effects of isolation. Then, they are evaluating its effects over 2-4 weeks, and going from there. They are holding off on opening any schools until *at least* September. These are the actions of a province who haven’t had ANY deaths at all (and just 118 cases), and they waited until they had had NO new cases for a week to announce this plan. But really, they might follow the example of any other province, or indeed ANY place that is actually allowing this scary experience humanity is living to humble them into respecting life a bit more. Alas, doing so is not so lucrative–as we understand lucrative, anyway.

While no plan is unflawed, I find Quebec’s approach to be criminally negligent, dishonest, and downright offensive to my intelligence. Although I have emotional attachments to Quebec, having grown up in the Townships, this place is just sad right now. And living in Montreal is a nightmare at the moment: feels a bit like being a lab rat in a cage. 🙂

Sending love and resilience to all in these deeply questionable times.

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