7 Questions for Veronica Alva about Je suis Toi – The Game of Empathy

Written in February 2020, published 2020-03-20

Veronica Alva, graphic designer and artist. Creator of Je Suis Toi game to learn empathy.

The author of the game, Veronica Alva is an artist and a graphic designer originating from Mexico City. After living in many places, she now calls Montreal her home of 6 years. 

As a graphic designer, she has worked mostly to promote cultural events by creating unique posters which is her favourite media, as it combines typography, illustration, photography to catch the eye in a public space.

In search of a more personal reflection in her work, she has created  Je suis Toi – The Game of Empathy, a game of cards that has the purpose to teach kids empathy with illustrations inspired by nature in Quebec.