Yeah, so I’m completely not okay with all of Legault & Arruda’s herd immunity *supposition*–’cause that’s what it is. Let’s be clear: they’re proposing an experiment that is sure to have casualties. There’s a reason it’s so controversial among virologists and ethicists alike, although economists seem largely on board of course.

1. There is no evidence yet to show this strategy will work with this particular virus, which acts differently than any virus seen before it. We do not KNOW yet if/for how long immunity will occur in people who’ve been infected.

2. Going this route means deprioritizing our parents/grandparents/elders, anyone with autoimmune or other chronic health conditions, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed, and others of all ages who may die/suffer long-term health problems due to reasons science has yet to grasp….’cuz it’s all still *new*, a concept our society, with its characteristic lack of patience and inability to halt exponential growth fails to understand.

3. Even if this does turn out to be the best course of action, we’re not there YET. Apart from needing to first learn more about how the virus acts, we need to at least plank/flatten/waffle iron the curve before even entertaining this idea. As it stands now, cases in Quebec are still RISING steadily, and Legault himself said we’re currently lacking 10,000 medical personnel. This does NOT sound like a wise time to experiment with people’s health. It’s bad enough that anyone with a non-covid health condition is basically fucked if they require medical attention.

4. Yesterday I watched the daily press conference and found that not only are they trying to convince the population that this is a good idea based on wishful thinking. They are also over-emphasizing the province’s stability outside of CHSLDs while downplaying/attempting to omit the fact that there are outbreaks (and deaths) in multiple Montreal hospitals (Sacre-Coeur is swimming in it), as well as in prisons, and in the population at large.

5. We have no idea how much of the population is currently infected, something Arruda copped to. Medical personnel are STILL not being tested unless they exhibit symptoms. Neither are other ‘essential’ workers for that matter. This means we surely don’t know what toll allowing people to simply get infected will have on the already burnt out healthcare system. This is a bad idea to begin with, but asking people to take this kind of risk without enough doctors to deal with the potential fallout is beyond unacceptable.

It seems a very small group is making these decisions, clearly encouraged by lobbyists, billionaires, (the mafia?): people impatient to get back to the status quo, build condos, look alive. What can be done about this bullshit?


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